92 Introduction to the Text

The Linwoods (1835)


This novel was believed to be Sedgwick’s last romantic novel. The time period for the novel is set during the American Revolution. The two main families explored through this novel are the Linwoods and the Lees. While the Linwoods are loyal to the British, the Lees are on the revolution side. The two sides are referred throughout the novel as the Tories and the Rebels. Through the main character, Isabella Linwood, the novel is able to show the main dramas of the time while also challenging them.

In this particular chapter, the Linwoods are hosting a small gathering. A soldier named Eliot is in attendance that night. The conversations of the night are able to show what it was like to be part of the rebel army at the time. It is also made evident that sides are very important to the people of the time. During this chapter it begins to appear evident that Isabella is beginning to question which side she supports.


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