Timothy Robbins

The Graceland University Open Education Anthology of Early American Literature

Edited (Fall 2017) by Jenna Pitstick, Randallynn Smith, Natalia Kome, Austin Reiber, Taz Richardson, Madison Staley, Jimmy Jean, Morgan McKnabb, Colton Ranney, Alexis Fells, Lydia Buckingham, Dally Veach, Cali Foglesong, Juliann Houk, Azra Pita, Sawyer Steehn, Kishon Hochee, JP Mawi, Mandy Ewing, Gus Niebla, Carrie Galbraith, Summer Amman, Jamal Mayfield, Jackson Carr.

Edited (Fall 2016) by Melissa Sherrer, Daryn Nowlin, Matthew Moore, Ryan Schlom, Katelyn Metcalf, Megan Hartnett, Hailey Leal,  Caleb Torres, Joel Beck, Jasmina Bonilla, Kyra Stevenson, Chelsea Wagner, Anabelle Haarstard, Lamin Ceesay, Jessica Pycior, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Guzman, April Moore, Tommy Fish, Christina Estrada, Omar Maldonado, Chris Perez, Liam Ray, Chelsea Robinson, Brandon Seward-Sherrod, Sarah Slayton, Kyle West, Pilar Ortiz Casillas.

Remixed from the 2015 edition created by Dr. Robin DeRosa and her Research & Editorial Assistants: Alisha Blanchette, Ryan Cameron, Shannon Griffiths, Hannah Hounsell, Kendal Lariviere, Rachel Levi, Leah Loraditch, David MacNeill, Samuel Metivier, Janina Misiewicz, Timothy Mooneyhan, Jonathan Neville, Jackie Parker, Kendall Panaggio, Simon Pierpont, Olivia Punch, Shana Rowe, Geneva Sambor, Justin Siewierski, Bethany Veith, David Walker.

This book-in-progress has been (and is being) almost entirely created by undergraduate students.

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